Ash Scriver

Ash Scriver weaves stories that she would love to read, stories about heroic individuals and grand-scale ideas brought to life with colorful imagination. Partly because she likes breaking rules, she writes her science-fiction with some fantasy elements and her fantasy with some science-fiction elements.

Ed Scriver

Ed Scriver writes fantasy and science-fiction, wrestling intellectual and inspiring themes, even when he writes comic fantasy.

He started his professional writing career in his forties and does not intend to stop until he dies, they take his pen away and seal his grave.

When not writing, he is found plugged in, coding. He is either programming AI that will become self-aware and hellbent on world domination or making games involving trolls. Not quite sure which it is, his wife is often seen narrowing her eyes at him suspiciously.

Ed Scriver is the pen name of non-fiction author, Dwayne Davies.

Dwayne Davies

Dwayne Davies is a passionate scholar on a great many topics. He is an experienced blogger, podcaster and champion for rationality and the truth!