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Would you open Pandora’s box?

Eerie voices fill Amelia’s head as an archaeological dig in Athens unearths a sinister entity contained within a chest. She must open the chest to preserve her sanity. But at what cost?

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When science is sacred…

In a society where science is being assimilated by religion, one woman dared to publish her greatest scientific discoveries. Now she must choose — her scientific integrity or her life?

A dystopian science fiction short story for readers who enjoy dark and gritty adventure with raw passion.

Work In Progress – Epic Fantasy Series

Epic Sci-Fi Fantasy, Triumphant Romance & Thrilling Suspense.

Conrad Logos is a builder of worlds. Could the woman he loves be the destroyer of worlds?

Find out in this debut novel, the first in an epic fantasy series. If you love immersing yourself into fantastical worlds with characters who embark on epic adventures but are not so different from us in their pursuit of love and passion, this one’s for you!